It’s Okay to not feel like celebrating Christmas.

I recently saw a beautiful short film circulating on social media. It features a young man who is counting down the days till Christmas day. Christmas day arrives. The last scene is him opening up a box of old tapes which he has played every year; this is the last one he has left to… Continue reading It’s Okay to not feel like celebrating Christmas.


Vegan nutty banana cookies

These simple to make nutty banana cookies are one of my favourite go to bakes! I will keep a stash in the kitchen for us to grab as and when we need. They have come to the rescue many times for us, mostly when we need a breakfast on the go or a high energy… Continue reading Vegan nutty banana cookies


No bake vegan brownie energy bites

These no bake vegan brownie energy bites are made with only four ingredients! They are rich, gooey, nutty, chocolatey and full of goodness. You must put these on your 'to make' list if you're after a simple, healthy recipe that is packed full of flavour . I keep a stash in my fridge for a… Continue reading No bake vegan brownie energy bites


Top 10 sustainable children’s gifts

Christmas is just around the corner again which means we are back hitting the shops and spending our hard earned money on the perfect Christmas gift for our loved ones! As much as I love this act of kindness from people (I understand the giving of gifts is a special part of the day for… Continue reading Top 10 sustainable children’s gifts

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Advice for choosing your baby’s name!

I remember it well, the enormous duty bestowed upon you as a Mother and Father to name your child! I would trawl through the army of baby naming sites: remember names from books I'd read, films I'd seen and even look at all the names in the credits once a film was over. My google… Continue reading Advice for choosing your baby’s name!


Saying no to fast fashion!

Recently I have come to the decision that I will no longer be buying any new clothes and accessories from fast fashion retailers. I want to rethink my whole thought process on what I wear, where it comes from, how it's made, who is making it and turn 'fast fashion' on it's head. Nowadays we… Continue reading Saying no to fast fashion!


Can you really have no negativity in your life?

The word 'positivity' is thrown around a lot I feel. In the ideal world we strive to always have an optimistic attitude. To see the brighter side, see the glass half full, feel unstoppable, yada yada yada! I want to be brutally honest about what it actually means to be a positive person. To truly… Continue reading Can you really have no negativity in your life?


Croatia travel guide

Croatia. There are many reasons I call this jewel of a country my happy place. Lets start with the first and quite frankly, the most important reason. This is where my partner was born and subsequently where I fell in love with him. Our second date was in Croatia two years ago and I just knew… Continue reading Croatia travel guide