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Advice for choosing your baby’s name!

I remember it well, the enormous duty bestowed upon you as a Mother and Father to name your child!

I would trawl through the army of baby naming sites: remember names from books I’d read, films I’d seen and even look at all the names in the credits once a film was over. My google search history was a litany of bizarre naming criteria such as ‘names that mean powerful’ or ‘strong female goddess names’. I know, slightly outlandish and hilarious. In all honesty though, I absolutely adored searching for a name for my daughter. It lead me to asking myself questions like – Do I want her to have a traditional name? Do I want her name to have a special meaning? You start to truly visualise yourself as a new mother, imagining what your child will look like, what personality they will have. Then, that moment arrives, your baby is nestled in your arms and you get to give them their name, well, it’s just unbeatable.


When I was searching for my daughter’s name we had a few ‘ticks in the box’ that were important to us both. We knew it had to make sense when read out in English and read out in Croatian. We both knew we didn’t want a name ending in ‘A’, no real reason, it’s just what we wanted. I, being me, wanted some link to the water. We also wanted her to have a name that wasn’t heard in every classroom, but equally wasn’t too absurd that nobody could pronounce it.

For her middle name, I went back to my childhood and thought of my favourite memories with my dad and sister. Losing my sister and dad I knew I wanted something from them to her, but, I didn’t want her to be named after them. I felt very strongly about that. So those were our main ‘ticks’ that lead us to our little girl’s name, that we love dearly.


In my months of searching for names, I compiled a list of my favourite names (of course, we all have that ‘notes’ page saved in our phones at some point). I thought I would share my baby names list with you all.

So if you are expecting your very own perfect, squidgy, baby soon and can’t help but constantly search through websites or remember childhood storybook characters like I did, then I hope this inspires you that little bit more.


Jovi (Jovie) – This is a girls or boys name. I loved it for a girls name though. Obviously, famous from the film Elf, with the main female lead being called Jovie, played by the insatiable Zooey Deschanel.

Odette – Inspired by The Swan Princess (I literally watched this nearly everyday as a child) I think it’s such an elegant name for a girl.

Dorothy – Such a beautiful, classic, timeless name. I adore this for a little girl. As a first name or as a middle name. It’s so adorable!

Nixie – A German name meaning ‘little water sprite’. This name makes me think of a whimsical character.

Scout – I’m seeing this name more and more. I just think it’s adorable. One of the best literary names around in my opinion.

Marni – Another water themed name. It means ‘of the sea’. This is one of the first names I found and liked. I just think it’s such a timeless name as you get older as well.

Rocki  – (Rocky) We love this for a boys name. I also love Rocket and then Rocky for short. My other half is also slightly obsessed with the Rocky films. If we had a boy this is what we would have named him!

Orson – Taken from Orson Welles. A more classic name. I don’t know why we don’t see more of this name. I bloomin’ love it!

Finnick ‘Finn’ – Made famous by the Hunger Games. I love ‘Finn’ for short as well. A perfect little boys name.

Fox – I know, but it’s just brilliant!

Risco – Another water inspired name (I told you my search revolved around the water a lot) this name means waterfall. I love this name.

Forrest – Obviously ‘run Forrest run!’ will come to your mind. One of the best movie characters ever, ever, ever! And one of the best names ever, ever, ever!


There you have it, my super (secretly kept) list of my favourite names. If you’re struggling to find that perfect name don’t rush. The name that’s perfect will just hit you like a lightening bolt. The one piece of advice that I will give is “don’t be swayed by others opinions.” Go with what you like: Go with things that are important to you: Go with your heart…this is your child after all!

We personally didn’t tell anybody the names we had chosen for our little girl. Keeping it a special surprise, only to be revealed when your little one arrives is such a precious moment. It worked well for us. Saying that though, just because that’s what worked well for us doesn’t mean doing it a different way won’t be right for you. Enjoy every moment in deciding on a name for your little bundle; as at times it can be quite stressful! However, once you’ve decided, it’s the best thing ever because the first time you call them by their name, which you’ve had the privilege to give, you won’t be able to think of them being anything else.




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