Vegan nutty banana cookies

These simple to make nutty banana cookies are one of my favourite go to bakes! I will keep a stash in the kitchen for us to grab as and when we need. They have come to the rescue many times for us, mostly when we need a breakfast on the go or a high energy… Continue reading Vegan nutty banana cookies


Can you really have no negativity in your life?

The word 'positivity' is thrown around a lot I feel. In the ideal world we strive to always have an optimistic attitude. To see the brighter side, see the glass half full, feel unstoppable, yada yada yada! I want to be brutally honest about what it actually means to be a positive person. To truly… Continue reading Can you really have no negativity in your life?


Croatia travel guide

Croatia. There are many reasons I call this jewel of a country my happy place. Lets start with the first and quite frankly, the most important reason. This is where my partner was born and subsequently where I fell in love with him. Our second date was in Croatia two years ago and I just knew… Continue reading Croatia travel guide